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Pesto Cubes

Want a quick flavor booster for your sauces?  Make your favorite pesto and store in an ice cube tray.  Pop a cube or two into your sauce and you’re good to go!

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Welcome to HerbCo International

HerbCo was founded in Duvall, Washington in 1992 by two couples: one, organic farm owners; the other, marketing specialists. When they combined their assets with their love of all things culinary, the result was a first in the Northwest culinary market: the first company to provide local year-round availability of certified organic fresh herbs.

While the farm has since changed ownership, the passion for quality, innovation and customer service remains as strong as ever. Today, included among HerbCo’s many firsts are its first use in the United States of an herb container made of corn; the first Northwest herb company to implement a food safety program; the first herb company in the United States to test herb suppliers for organic compliance; the first herb company to be certified as a Salmon-Safe farm; and the first herb company in the United States to use an in-house staff to visit supermarkets to ensure herb quality and merchandising effectiveness.

HerbCo Texas, (formerly Generation Farms), the Southwest’s premier culinary herb grower, became part of the HerbCo family in June 2007.  This addition gave both farms access to more product with their farm’s differing growing seasons, as well as greater purchasing power and the ability to serve larger customers with facilities in multiple regions.  November 2008 saw the launch of Michigan Fine Herbs, located in Shelbyville, MI.  This facility greatly expanded our national reach and instantly created over 75 new jobs in an economically challenged area. The original packing facility was quickly outgrown, and a brand new facility was opened in September 2010. 

HerbCo made its third acquisition in August of 2010, creating Rocky Mountain Herbs in Denver, CO.  Our great reception by wholesale and retail customers alike prompted a move to a new facility twice the size of the original in 2011, ensuring plenty of room for future growth.  Just as exciting is our recent partnership with a 100 acre local organic farm located just outside of Denver.  Rocky Mountain Herbs is pleased to accommodate the ever-growing interest in locally grown produce!

With acres of certified organic land already in cultivation in Hawaii for our mainland customers, the addition of a packing facility to serve the Islands just made sense, and to that end HerbCo Hawaii became a reality in early 2011.  Today, HerbCo’s sunniest location supplies more grocery stores and wholesalers in the islands than anyone.

Well, Hawaii was the sunniest HerbCo location.  HerbCo Phoenix, opened in May 2014, to serve our desert Southwest customers’ growing appetites for locally packed organic herbs.  The brand new 12,000 square foot facility is conveniently located in Tolleson and will certainly employ the most suntanned crew of any HerbCo division!  The cherry on the sundae will be the seasonal availability of locally farmed organic herbs from one of Arizona’s oldest culinary herb farms.  We’ve never been so thrilled – and prepared - to share our class-leading customer service and quality to a new region.

Not satisfied with opening just one new facility in 2014, HerbCo took advantage of a terrific opportunity and acquired Sweetwater Growers of Canton, GA.  Sweetwater Growers, founded by the hard-working Dault family, has built a stellar reputation for integrity, customer service and product quality throughout the Southeastern US.  Two facilities just north of Atlanta provide a four-state area with potted and living herbs, as well as a full wholesale and retail herb program.  A new, Certified Organic packing facility was just completed to accommodate the ever-growing interest of organics in the Southeast. With the addition of Sweetwater Growers into the HerbCo family, our impact is now truly coast to coast. 

Though HerbCo’s reach now extends to over 5,000 supermarkets and dozens of wholesalers in 25 states across the U.S. (and even Guam!) our focus remains the same: to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience purchasing and cooking with fresh organic herbs.

Our Farms - Overview

  • HerbCo +

    As stewards of the land we farm, HerbCo uses only natural ingredients to enhance the soil and control pests.  It’s what is best for the land, our crops and you, the consumer.  The growing demand for organics will continue to challenge our company to advocate the preservation of certified organic land and promote the healthy harvest it produces.  To that end, in 2007 HerbCo purchased a 160 acre certified organic farm next door to our original 40 acre spread.  All told, our Duvall farms will harvest close to one million pounds of organic herbs in 2014!  When you add to that a total of three living basil greenhouses now under full production, there can be no denying the power and popularity of cooking with organic fresh herbs in the Pacific Northwest. 

  • HerbCo - Texas +

    With over 50 acres of farmland and over 325,000 square feet of greenhouse space, we control growing operations from seedlings to harvesting to packing to shipping.  Our sunny Texas climate is ideal for growing a host of herb varieties including arugula, basil, cilantro, mint, oregano, sage, and thyme.  Additionally, our farm is certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  With a state of the art packing and cooling facility, you can be assured of consistent quality and year round supply.
  • Michigan Fine Herbs +

    Michigan Fine Herbs is partnered with Tuinstra Greenhouse, family-owned and operated by the Tuinstra family for over two generations. Vince Tuinstra, the current owner and grower, has over 30 years of bedding plant experience. Vince has leveraged his considerable knowledge of bedding plants into the growing and cultivation of organic culinary herbs with both inside- and outside growing. Tuinstra Greenhouse has over two acres of climate controlled growing area. This includes a hydroponic facility that produces Living Basil and a variety of lettuces.

  • Rocky Mountain Herbs +

    We’re proud to announce a contract growing arrangement with Isabelle Farm, of Lafayette, CO.  This family-run, Certified Organic farm covers over 70 acres, and is one of the area’s premier growers of over 80 varieties of produce. In addition to being passionate growers, they sell produce through their on-farm Farm Stand; through their CSA Farm Share Program, and to selected restaurants and retailers.  We received our first harvest of beautiful dill in late May and can’t wait for more!

  • Waianae Hawaii +

    Founded by ex-physics professor Dan Dong in 1995, Harvest Farms grows over a dozen varieties of culinary herbs.  Together with his wife Barbara and a crew of 12, Dan’s 30 acre farm grows a wide selection of herbs, including basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. Of these 30 acres, twelve are farmed organically, with organic certification by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.   Hawaii’s incredibly rich soil and balmy climate produce a staggering supply of gorgeous herbs year ‘round.  Herbs are harvested in the morning, cooled in the afternoon and evening, and ship overnight to HerbCo facilities across the U.S. the next day.

  • Coachella Farm +

    Coachella Arugula

    A successful 2011 with 40 acres under cultivation led to a 20 acres expansion in 2012, and another 20 acre addition in 2013.  Our 80 acre farm now harvests a selection of 15 different varieties, including basil, chives, dill, marjoram, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme.

  • Sweetwater Growers +

    Sweetwater Grower’s humble beginnings started in 2003, when the Dault family began growing micro greens and hydroponic basil in a 3,000 square feet greenhouse in Canton, GA.  They must have been doing something right: by 2009, Sweetwater had tripled the size of their original Canton greenhouse, and partnered with another grower in Bowersville, GA.  The 15,000 square foot greenhouse at this location was the genesis of their potted herb program, which proved to be wildly successful.  Two years later, the Dault family acquired their partner, and doubled the size of the Bowersville greenhouse.  With sales still on fire, the Daults built a state of the art ebb and flow rolling rack stem for their potted herb program in 2013. 

  • Taylor's Farm +

    HerbCo Phoenix is honored to partner with Taylor’s Garden, one of America’s oldest Certified Organic herb farms.  In business since 1947, this family-owned farm produces outstanding quality culinary herbs year-round in Congress, Arizona.  Among the many varieties grown are bay leaf, chives, dill, marjoram, mint, oregano, tarragon and thyme.
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